Hankwan Museum is the only private museum in Pusan that is registered under Museum and Art Gallery Act. It was founded in 1975 by late Mr. Kwangduk Han and it became a museum registered in 1996. The collections include over five hundreds of oriental paintings and works by Korean, Japanese, North Korean and Chinese artists and calligraphers.

The museum was founded for the purpose of supporting promising artists and sponsoring art exhibits and the cultural education in Pusan, a culturally deprived city. The late Mr.Kwangduk Han had collected the paintings for 50 years with passionate love for arts and exerted unparalleled generosity. In the collections, there are masterpieces of the famous artists like Kim Hongdo, Sin Yunbok and Jang Sengup who lived in Chosun period(1392-1897) and ther are many paintings of the begining and the middle of the 20th centry. Also, there are the works of calligraphy written by famous people like ex presidents of Korea.

After Mr. Kwangduk Han passed away, his desendants are planning a variety of activities including cyber museum, art education, special exhibitions, and many other programs.The Hankang Museum will dedicate to make the city of Pusan as a culturally developped city.

Opening Hours: 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. (closed on sunday)
Location: 1Km from the central train station in Pusan
4th floor of the Hankwang Building,
Tel: 051-469-4111